Plum, Chilli and Ginger chutney and a macaroon disaster!


November 15, 2012 by shelouliebaking


Well finally here we have the chutney recipe…

It was actually much simpler than I though it would be. I thought this combination would be fabulous together but surprisingly I didn’t have any similar recipes in any of my books or magazines so I did a good old Google search and found this link, admittedly I don’t live the good life and these weren’t British plums at this time of the year. But next year I will definitely be making this when plums are in season.

It took a little longer than the 15-20 mins rolling boil for my chutney to be the correct consistency when placed in the freezer on the plate, mine was more like 25…so if you make this yourself it will need to be a matter of testing every couple of minutes until it’s right. The aroma in my house this evening is AMAZING!!!! It’s a cross between Chinese food and Christmas, so so so good. As you would imagine it’s a little difficult to judge exact flavour as this will need time to mature (at least one month) but it’s sweet with a little kick of heat, and I think it will be lovely with a strong cheese as it may overpower some milder ones. I’ll be trying it out with my favourite stilton Colston Bassett, and probably some Davidstow Extra Mature Cornish Crackler Cheddar.

I’ve put the chutney into some small square jars which I bought in Lakeland and will be giving these to some foodie friends for Christmas, as well as a large jar to keep just for me!!! If you make this and want to make a double size batch you will definitely need a large stock pot or jam pan, a single batch fitted in my large saucepan but if I was making it again I would certainly want more!!!

My little stack of jars, which I will make some Christmas themed labels for.

So on another note I always told myself that if anything went wrong with my baking I would be honest and tell you….so here it is… I tried to make strawberry flavoured macaroons at the weekend, and in the words of Craig Revel Horwood DIS-ARRSS-TTEERRR!!!! And I was so ashamed I didn’t even take photos!! I knew that things weren’t going well when I tried spooning the mixture into the piping bag and it was pouring out of the nozzle almost as fast as I was putting it in! And I ended up with double the amount I expected. The only thing I can work out is that I used large eggs instead of medium, and although I compensated by adding extra icing sugar and extra ground almonds it obviously wasn’t right!! They formed a lovely skin on them before baking, but at 15 mins in the oven they still weren’t cooked inside. After 20 mins in the oven they started to catch so I removed them and figured if I left them on the baking sheet residual heat would finish off the cooking process, WRONG!!! lets just say that I spent the next half an hour scraping very sticky half-baked macaroon mix of my silicon sheet!

While you’re all here I must also tell you about a gorgeous little cafe that I stumbled across yesterday. While spending a lovely day out in Fowey with my other half we found The Lifebouy Cafe….you must stop here for a freshly homemade fish finger butty and a cuppa, and spend time playing with the retro toys, looking at the awesome decor and chatting with the lovely owner!!! You can find out more for yourselves here


7 thoughts on “Plum, Chilli and Ginger chutney and a macaroon disaster!

  1. marion says:

    Just love this shen keep up the great work, passing links to friends all over the world.XX

  2. FoodiePenPal says:

    I know you mentioned you were giving some to your foodie friends as gifts. would you be willing to trade some with potentially new foodie friends?

  3. new music says:

    Awesome info and entertainingly written. Keep up the good stuff!

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